Transforming Lives Through Prayer


Save Souls

Engage in evangelistic outreach efforts to share the message of salvation and lead people to Christ.


Prayer Support

Dedicated prayer support and resources for singles, including prayer meetings and counseling.


Pray for Nigeria

Lead fervent intercessory prayer sessions for Nigeriaʼs deliverance from terrorism and corruption.

Transforming Lives

We are dedicated to spreading the gospel, nurturing spiritual growth, and advocating for positive change in Nigeria.

Through prayer, outreach, and support for persecuted Christians, we aim to see individuals transformed by the power of the gospel and families strengthened through prayer and fellowship. Our vision is to witness Nigeria thriving as a nation free from the grips of terrorism, corruption, and persecution. We believe in the power of prayer to bring about transformation and renewal, and we are committed to extending compassionate support to persecuted Christians in Nigeria, including financial assistance, provision of basic necessities, advocacy, and raising awareness about their plight. Our mission is to foster a sense of community and fellowship among believers, equipping them with educational resources, including articles, podcasts, and seminars, to live out their faith in todayʼs world. We also advocate for religious freedom, human rights, and justice for persecuted Christians in Nigeria, raising awareness about their struggles and mobilizing support for their cause.

Our dedicated team members are committed to spreading the gospel, nurturing spiritual growth, and advocating for positive change in Nigeria. With a passion for prayer and a heart for persecuted Christians, our team works tirelessly to see lives transformed and communities strengthened.

Sarah Johnson

Prayer Coordinator

David Smith

Outreach Coordinator

Rebecca Anderson

Advocacy Specialist

Michael Thompson

Community Engagement Coordinator

Client Stories

Prayer Closet International has truly changed my life.

Lisa Johnson

The soul-winning crusade was an incredible experience.

John Thompson

Prayer for Nigeria has made a real impact.

Grace Olatunji

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